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Aluminum Frame Sectional Dock with Brock Vinyl Decking

DH White Dock

Brock Vinyl Decking is manufactured from a special high- impact, weather-resistant vinyl compound. Extensive testing has proven this material to be ideally suited for docks.This compound is similar to that used by vinyl & siding and window manufacturers. It is specially formulated for out door exposure where color and physical property retention are important. The formulation includes 20% more ultraviolet inhibitors than the leading competitors. Impact modifiers give added strength and impact resistance in all weather conditions, while preventing denting, splitting, cracking, or breaking. The formula also gives Brock Dock the ability to resist blistering, flaking, corroding or peeling.

DH Dock

Protective End Caps

Plank ends are protected against damage with a cap that also enhances the finished appearance of the dock. No raised edges make it easy to sweep off debris and you won’t stub your toe!


Tough and sturdy . . . each vinyl plank is a single-piece, three-legged extrusion with solid color throughout.


Grooved design pattern provides a very stylish appearance, an excellent walking surface for shoes or bare feet and quick water drainage. Handicapped approved.

Never Needs Painting

Think of the savings! The marine-grade vinyl planks are guaranteed for as long as you own your dock.


Nonporous surface. A good rain will normally clean the surface, or you can sweep lightly with a wet broom.

Cool and Comfortable

Wood absorbs heat. The Brock Deck planking reflects the sun’s rays, staying cool to the touch.

Plank Spacing

Brock vinyl panels have 1/8" space between planks.

Lifetime Warranty

on all Brock Vinyl Decking.

Aluminum Frame Sectional Dock with Cedar Decking

The Cedar Decking panels are built of the finest cedar, which is known for being very dense and long-lasting as well as extremely smooth. The panels are screwed together with non-corrosive screws, as well as glued, all from the bottom side of the panel, leaving the surface completely smooth and free of screws and screw holes. Care and craftmanship are evident in the way every board on every dock is sanded and beveled to a silky smooth finish. The simple lines of the D.H. Docks & Tracks frame and the drop-in panels give this dock a sleek, clean look.Aluminum Frame Dock with Cedar Decking


The DH Aluminum Dock Frame


DH Docks Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty

Nobody builds a better dock, and we stand behind it with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our D.H. Aluminum Dock Frames.

Not 10 or 15 years like the others. Not 20. Not 30. LIFETIME!... and we've never had a claim.  It's that good.


We have designed our aluminum frame sectional dock with ease of installation, stability, strength, versatility, longevity and sleek good looks in mind. Each dock section consists of either the 4’x10’ or 5’x10’ aluminum frame, two drop-in decking panels (constructed with Cedar, Ipé or Brock Vinyl), pipes, bases, connecting hardware and dock post caps.

Ease of Installation

Gone are the days when dock installation meant a grueling and backbreaking job. Since each section consists of three pieces, one person can install the D.H. Aluminum Frame Dock System or two people can complete the job with very little time and effort. The simple design of the male/female connecting hardware allows the sections to easily fit together. The only tools required are a ratchet to tighten the setscrews on the pipe brackets, and a level.


Any design or configuration is possible with the D.H. sectional dock. There are no limitations on length or platformm size, and you can change your mind. Need more room at the end? Add extra sections to your platform. Bought another boat? Add a slip. Your D.H. Dock grows and changes as you do.


There is not a more stable dock available than the traditional sectional dock, supported by pipes and bases. At D.H. Docks & Tracks, each 10’ section is supported by strong, 1 1/4” I.D. schedule 40 galvanized pipes and 11“ cast aluminum bases for maximum stability.  Others may brag that thier pipe casting will not allow the support tubing to tilt more than 1/4" - thus eliminating the need for a large base.  Our Extruded Aluminum Pipe Brackets allow for ZERO tilt, and we STILL give you bigger bases.


D.H. Docks & Tracks uses aluminum tubing with a 1/8” wall thickness for our dock frames. Both the 4’x10’ and 5’x10’ frames are constructed of 1 3/4”x5” tubing with two 1”x2” center support tubes running lengthwise, and two running side to side. All support tubes are welded to the dock frame. The corners are welded as well as bolted. All hardware is secured with bolts and locknuts. The connecting hardware and pipe brackets are zinc-plated steel and aluminum extrusions. All bolts, nuts, washers and setscrews are zinc-plated steel. Every piece of material used to build these frames is non-corrosive and was chosen with strength in mind. Three stringers are used on each drop-in decking panel.

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